Fortune Tiles Gold

Fortune Tiles Gold

Fortune Tiles Gold takes you on a journey in search for enlightenment
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Fortune Tiles Gold is a match 3 game that takes you to a peaceful location in Asia, where you have to follow the path of the wise man, to finally reach the enlightenment. Its ease of play and relaxed atmosphere, plus its beautiful graphics make it very enjoyable.

Playing this game is very easy; the idea is basically to match three or more marked tiles together and clear them off the screen. As you advance, the game gets more intricate, but there will also appear some special tiles, or power ups, like a magic rainbow, or the hammer that will help you in different manners. The game has lots of levels, more than 160, and for each one you complete, you will receive an proverb that will guide you in your search.

The two game modes available include timeless: ideal to play without pressures, whenever you have some leisure time, and timed: giving you a couple of minutes to complete the stage. The latter will be the most appropriate choice if you are looking for some more excitement. On the other hand, graphics are absolutely gorgeous, evoking the peaceful sceneries of Asia, very detailed and finely rendered, that is probably the most noteworthy aspect of the game.

Even though there is nothing original about the game concept, still can entertain you at leisure time. Trial version is totally functional,and can be used for only one hour.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Beautiful graphics
  • Nice and relaxing music
  • Soothing gameplay


  • Only 60 minutes to try it out
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